Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath A beautiful bateau bath mounted on an elegant plinth

Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath
Imperium Plinth Roll Top BathImperium Plinth2Imperium Plinth3Imperium Plinth1
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Product Description

Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath

The Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath was launched with the Imperium Feet Bath. This version variation of the theme carries onto a superbly crafted Bateau Bath mounted on a solid plinth.

This design echoes the luxurious French baths manufactured in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact, Albion looked closely at original baths and laboured to keep the original charm but enhance the bath’s comfort. For example, take a look at the back rest angle. This feature alone, took 14 prototypes to get right. Our objective was to create a bath that combined the style of the past yet give the most relaxed bathing experience.

As with all Albion Baths, the Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath is made using our unique Iso-Enamel material. Albion’s unique Iso-Enamel material creates a bath that is strong, solid and durable. Importantly, our material overcomes the drawbacks of cast iron. These being extreme weight and high heat loss from your bathing water. With Iso Enamel, your bathing water will stay hotter for longer – no more topping up with the hot tap. To clean your Iso Enamel bath, simply use any modern, liquid cleaners. If you’re unlucky enough to scuff your new bath, Iso-Enamel can be easily polished back to a high shine. At roughly half the weight of cast iron, there’s no need to reinforce your bathroom floor.

As with most Albion baths, the exterior of the Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath can be finished in a colour of your choice. Simply choose one of Dulux’s paint colours. Also, you can opt for one of our burnished finishes – gold, iron or bronze.

To combine your Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath with functional showering, choose our Effusio Over-Bath Shower system. This will give you the day-to-day practicality of a shower. But still with the luxury of stylish bathing.

Available in 5 different sizes to cater for all size of bathroom! Supplied without tap holes, this bath is suitable for most tap formats.

Please give us a call for advice on the required waste and tap fittings, as Albion can provide for all bathroom locations.

Product Details Length: From 1645mm - please call us for more information and pricing
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