Free Standing Bath

What’s the definition of a Free Standing Bath? For us, it’s a bath without any surface touching any adjacent walls and extends directly to the bathroom floor. They can be deep, modern, traditional or just plain cute but a free standing bath is always the preferred choice for the luxury bathroom.

Our range of free standing baths can be split into two families. Simply 1 or 2 part versions and as the names suggest – the baths are either formed in either a single or two part construction.

Our Apollo, Apollo Classic, Advance and Torre baths are all made in one single piece providing a solid seamless construction that is warm to the touch. The required plumbing is nestled under the integral plinth and we automatically supply the waste components with the bath.

The two-part bath family comprises of the Geminus and Imperium plinth models. These baths are designed with a bolt-on plinth that can be assembled when in the bathroom. This allows a greater freedom to locate and manoeuvre the bath tub into its final resting place.

All of Albion’s baths can be finished externally in a vast range of colours. Either painted, or, in one of the three available in-house metallised effect finishes; burnished iron, burnished bronze/aged copper, or burnished gold

These options will give you the ultimate finishing touch to your new bathroom design.

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