Wall Fitting Baths

Albion manufacture a number of wall fitting baths to suit your requirements. Trident, Trident Advance and Torre Corner models are single ended versions fitted to two walls at the corner of the room. Torre Dee, being a double ended bath, is the only one of Albion’s wall fitting baths that fits to one wall.It therefore lends itself perfectly to be used as the focal point for a lavish bathroom.

Wall fitting baths are available in either traditional ball & claw feet versions (eg. Trident) to create the classic look for your period home. Alternatively, for a less historic look, Albion also manufacture straight to-floor versions such as the Torre Corner and Torre Dee models.

Albion’s wall fitting baths combine the comfort of a bath with the facility of a fixed tiled shower where space is a premium. Manufactured using Albion’s unique-iso-enamel material the baths replicate the look of old original cast baths in modern more lightweight and heat retentive material.

Whether you require a traditional exposed shower valve setup, or a more sleek contemporary look, Albion also have a range of taps and shower valves to suit your requirements.

All of Albion’s baths can be finished externally in a vast range of colours, either painted, or, in one of the three available in-house metallised effect finishes; burnished iron, burnished bronze/aged copper, or burnished gold. Feet can also be polished and plated in either Hard Chrome or Bright Nickel. The bath and feet can be finished in the same colour, or contrasting by mixing and matching colours/finishes to suit your requirements.

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