Shower Trays

A shower tray is pretty important when it comes to designing your shower enclosure as your tray will direct the water flow to the drainage point in your room.

At Albion we manufacture our trays to order using the same Iso-Enamel material that we use for our bath tubs. They therefore have the same shiny white finish as the interior of our baths which is a close match to the ceramic items we supply – great for colour matching in one room.

We designed our shower trays to be low-level at only 50mm high and combatted that by creating a waste that has 2 outlets for draining the water away quicker. We also devised our shower waste plate to be removeable for easy access to clear any blockages that occur from day to day use.

Our shower trays come in 7 different sizes starting at the fairly standard 800mm x 800mm all the way up to the luxurious 1500mm x 1000m for a true walk-in experience.

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