Bidet Taps

Why are bidet taps not that popular in the U.K? We don’t really know but we suspect that British bathrooms are generally quite small. Consequently, people opt for a shower enclosure or vanity unit instead. It’s a shame because using a bidet mixer give a certain continental feel to your new bathroom.

If you have the space, then go for it. Add that bidet to your bathroom and create a luxury feel.

Our bidet mixers (we call them mixers as the water is mixed in the spout) are cast using high quality brass. The surface is hand polished and expertly electroplated in chrome. This construction gives a strong, durable and lustrous finish that will stand the test of time.

Like all of our taps, the bidet mixers utilize quarter-turn valves that have a smooth, easy action. To suit all single-hole bidets, the mixer is supplied with the required waste fitting.

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