Shower Valves + Heads

Shower Valves and Heads are the essential ingredient for your luxury shower. Whether mounted over a bath tub or supplying a good dose of water in a shower enclosure, our shower valves and heads will do the job!

As always, we at Albion like to break from the norm. Our shower valves utilise a special pressure balancing valve that will equalise the incoming pressure of the hot and cold water. Consequently, the flow will not vary if, for example a toilet is flushed while you’re showering. In turn, the temperature will not vary. No more sudden shocks of hot and cold water cascading over you.

Our shower valves and heads are made from high quality brass, giving you longevity and a superior finish. The brass castings are careful polished and a thick, lustrous chrome finish is applied.

Shower valves are designed in two formats – exposed and concealed. The exposed version has a rising pipe that is visible and arches over for the shower head to be fitted. Conversely, the concealed version buries its working components in the wall with just the water controls on show.

Shower heads for both formats are supplied in the options of 5, 8 and 12 inch diameter.


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