Taps on Stand Pipes

Our range of Taps on Stand Pipes are the perfect finishing touch for the classical bathroom.

To some extent, the design of your bathroom can be enhanced by how the bath taps are mounted. With taps on stand pipes, the taps are mounted directly on the floor and adjacent to the bath. Normally, these will be positioned at the rear of the bath in a central position with the water being fed from underneath.

Here at Albion, we supply stand pipes in two heights. Our 700mm tall version will suit most height baths. To suit our taller ‘Tubby’ baths, we’ve create the 800mm tall option.

We’re often asked if the the stand pipes will wobble and move. Our stand pipes are made using 50mm diameter tubes so consequently, are totally sturdy and flex-free. If secured onto a secure floor, our stand pipes won’t budge with normal use.

Our stand pipes are supplied with strong, chrome plated floor screws that will  securely anchor the pipes to your bathroom floor.

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