High Level Toilets

High Level Toilets are the ultimate symbol of the traditional bathroom and are a great way to create of extra space in a compact room.

Initially adopted during the mid 1800’s, these toilets were the early solution for household sanitation and provided a revolution in social behaviour. No longer did people need to use an outside toilet or use a pot under the bed. If there as been any device in the home that’s created the biggest change – then this is it.

These toilets became a design item very quickly. Previously, where toilets were purely functional, high level models adopted styling and branding.

In 1998 we introduced our Mistley toilet to continue the trend. Where the original cisterns were made from cast iron, we adopted the use of aluminium. This offered greater internal corrosion resistance and the option to finish the exterior in any colour.

All our toilet pans are made from finest Italian chinaware and the high level is no exception. This gives superior quality and a lustrous white glaze.

Choose from a range of seat finishes – all designed to enhance the classical bathroom.

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