Basin Taps + Fittings

A basin needs basin taps and waste fittings! How else will it function? ¬†Consequently, we’ve created a range of basin taps and fittings to suit all types of bathroom basin.

All of our taps are cast from brass. It’s a material that’s been used for water fittings for decades and proven to stand the test of time. Have you ever seen that beautiful water spout in an Italian village piazza? It will made from brass and it’s probably been there for a hundred years.

In these days of numerous different taps finishes, we’ve taken a very simple and pragmatic approach. We only supply chrome! Why? It’s down to longevity. Both bare brass and nickel finishes won’t stand up to modern household cleaning materials. Bare brass will immediately tarnish. Sure, it can be re-polished but the the tarnishing can stain surrounding ceramics and bath surfaces. When it comes to Nickel – which we love, modern cleaners will attack the surface. Once undermined, nickel cannot be recovered.

So chrome it is! Bright, durable and resistant to modern cleaners. If limescale is an issue, no problem. Use limescale removers without fear of ruining the surface.

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